Preparing for your first tech job interview

Preparing for an interview for a technology job can be daunting. After all, there are so many talented candidates out there all competing for work, and these question and answer sessions can be difficult. Luckily, help is at hand. This brief guide talks you through the basics of preparing for a tech job interview.


Get to grips with the interview format

If possible, find out what format the interview will take before you arrive. As it states on the website of recruitment service provider, interviews can take a range of different forms depending on the roles involved and the culture of the employers. Assessments can involve anything from simple Q&A sessions to group exercises, tests or even on the job tasks. By asking employers to explain the process in advance, you can make sure you know exactly what to expect. In turn, this can help to calm your nerves and it also makes preparing for your interview a much easier and more efficient process.

Rehearse answers to common questions

Another top tip is to rehearse answers to frequently asked interview questions. It’s much easier to come up with effective answers in advance when you’re not under the pressure of being in the hot seat. Get a friend or family member to play the role of interviewer too. They might pick up on problems with your answers that you hadn’t thought of.

When you’re preparing possible answers, make sure you show off a range of skills rather than simply falling back on your tech qualifications time and again. For example, think about how you can demonstrate that you’re a team player and are able to communicate effectively with a range of people.

Research the company

It’s also important to research the company or organization in depth before you walk into the interview room. By demonstrating knowledge of the employer, you can show that you’re serious about the role.

Plan every last detail to avoid last-minute panics

As well as getting the basics right, it’s important to plan the smaller details so that you don’t end up in last-minute panics. With this in mind, make sure you know exactly when and where interviews are taking place, and plan your journey there so that you’ll arrive in plenty of time. Prepare your outfit carefully too. You’ll need to look professional and smart when you meet the employer, and you don’t want the stress of a last-minute wardrobe disaster. If you don’t think any of your current clothes fit the bill, it’s worth investing in a new interview outfit. Details like this can be the difference between landing the perfect roles or walking away with nothing.


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