Link Your Blog To Facebook, RSS, And Twitter To Achieve Greater Success

Facebook, RSS, And TwitterDo you want to become a successful blogger? Well, you may have some good content for the blog, but it might not be good enough to grab the attention of large number of audiences. With the help of effective tools and strategies you can make your site worth visiting.

A successful blog is the one that has good content to increase the social rankings. In order to boost the SEO ranking and visibility of your blog, you’d need to connect the blog to some of the leading social networks like Facebook, Google+, twitter and etc.

You could also get in touch with your readers through RSS and emails. In this article, we will discuss about how exactly you’re going to connect your blog to the wide social networks and increase the number of followers. Let’s start!

Using RSS and E-Mail Subscriptions

As a blogger, you might have heard about RSS several times? What it is, and how does it works for you?

RSS is commonly known as Really Simple Syndication. A collection of web formats in RSS works to publish the most updated work of a specific website. It is much helpful for the bloggers who often need to update their blog entries and notify their followers about the new posts.

You could simply offer RSS feeds on your blog so that your readers would automatically be notified about the new blog posts. They could then read the new contents through online services such as Google Reader.

If you are running your blog with WordPress, you’ll not need to register of RSS. The WordPress has built in feature that generates RSS feeds for your blog and you can simply access it through You can also register for a free Feedburner account to manage the RSS feed on your blog.

Feedburner includes more functionalities than the default WordPress feeds. With Feedburner, you could simply know how many people have subscribed to your blog, along with some other useful information. Another benefit of using Feedburner is that it offers e-mail subscriptions to your readers. When you add new posts to your blog, your readers are simply informed by an automatic email message.

 Facebook Fan Page

You could boost the number of your blog followers using Facebook fan page. Typically, it is different from the conventional profile page of Facebook. Such a page allows you to create your own community and stay in touch with regular updates.

As you may have limited friends on your personal Facebook profile, you may have thousands of fans to your Facebook fans page. You may also use different Facebook apps like RSS Graffiti and Social RSS to syndicate RSS feeds.

Get a Twitter Account For Your Blog

You can create a Twitter account for your blog and stay connected with your readers online.  You can interact with your readers and promote your blog posts at the same time. Like Facebook, you could syndicate RSS feeds of your blog with Twitter. You can use different tools and plugins to do this.

Linking your blog with social networks is simply a great way of getting what you expect from your blog. Don’t forget to do cross promotion on these social networks. Promote your blog’s Twitter and Facebook fan pages and promote your blog itself on Twitter and Facebook accounts. With these proven strategies, thousands of blogs have accomplished greater success and you may be the next successful blogger!


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