How To Launch A Video On YouTube

How To Launch A Video On YouTube

As you probably already know, you can, and should, use multi-media – including videos – on your blog. But you can also use video marketing to help drive traffic to your blog.

First, let’s quickly go over how to create your video:

  • While you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive equipment, you should use a good camera, microphone, lighting and backdrop. You want your video to be professional.
  • Pay attention to your first, middle and last frame of your video. Make sure at least one of these frames is visually interesting, as these are the frames you can use as your thumbnail on YouTube.
  • Make your video short. If you have a lot of material to cover, then make a series of videos that range anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes long. People may be reluctant to spend 30 minutes watching a video (especially if they don’t know you), and they’ll also be reluctant to pass your video along to their friends.
  • Create a call to action. Your video MUST include a call to action, such as telling viewers to go to a certain link to get a free report, video or other gift (e.g., your goal is to grow your newsletter list). You should also include this call to action in writing and display it on your video.
  • Finally, consider your keywords. When you load your video on YouTube, you’ll need to consider what keywords people may use to search for your video. These keywords will not only show up on YouTube, but also in Google. As such, you should seek to include long-tail keywords.

Once you’ve created your video, you need to get it in front of as many people as possible. This includes:

  • Adding it to, but also loading it up on other sites like
  • Blogging about your new video.
  • Telling your newsletter readers about your new video – this is one of the most effective things that you can do to increase your viewing numbers.
  • Including links to your new video on your social networking and content sites, like your MySpace page, your Facebook page, your Squidoo page and so on.
  • Use Twitter to “tweet” about your video. Also, ask your followers to “retweet” about your video (i.e., to post about your video from their own Twitter accounts).  This is a great way to get it to go viral.
  • Tell your social bookmarking network about your video (and, of course, bookmark your own video).  Sites like StumbleUpon are ideal for this.
  • Finally, ask your colleagues and friends to tell their lists about your video, blog about it, and post links to it on their social media sites.  The more people that do this, the more your video has the chance of being shared and as such, seen by many more people.

In short: Don’t just post your video on YouTube and expect it to turn into an overnight sensation. You need to start the momentum to see results!

About the author: 

Lukasz Zelezny is an SEO consultant who enjoys advising people on how to use social media to their advantage.  Not a lot of businesses create YouTube videos so this is definitely a great way to get your name out there.

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