How To Market Your Facebook Fan Page

Before going into the details about the market trends, it is important to understand what a Facebook fan page is? And how it would benefit you?

A Facebook Fan page can be described as a miniature web space in a social networking location. The advantages of owning a fan page is that you link with people who are interested in your field of work. They may be your future customers.

Your fans are also benefited with all the additional offers and information that you provide. The moment, your fan page guests understand that you are there for them; they automatically get interested in your work.

Now let us consider the marketing aspect of your Facebook fan page31

The method to market your Facebook Fan Page can be discussed in two sections. The first step would be to get more and more individuals visit your fan page besides encouraging your existing group to be with you.

The next step would be to keep them occupied. To increase your Facebook fanfare, you could follow the procedures adopted by people who have an enormous crowd visiting their Facebook fan page.

The procedures are simple and result oriented

  1. Inform your friends and other acquaintances to appreciate your page:

This can be done by spreading a word about your owning a fan page at your place of work, at your shop (if you own one) at your net space. In short, create awareness about your fan page whenever and wherever possible. This will make them check your fan page first and be a frequent visitor.

Including a ‘Facebook link or a widget’ in your web space may help. In case your use of visiting cards is more, mentioning your Facebook link would be ideal. Displaying your ‘Facebook URL’ at some prominent place at shop or your personal table would make people aware of your Facebook fan page.

  1. Use the Facebook Inserts:
  • Advertising on Facebook can attract a fresh lot of customers. You can include special giveaways to increase your likes count.
  • Use your communication skills while placing the ads and also placing more inserts simultaneously may get you the expected result.

Using various tools added by Facebook like posts, competitions, likes and others may help in a great way. While using the competition offer; be within the rules framework mentioned by Facebook.

Besides these, there are options like emailing, sponsoring public events and others. In short, leave no stones unturned.

The second part of marketing is even more important; because it deals with how to keep your fan page members happy and busy. Though getting an exposure for your work and benefitting from the fan page is important, you have to put your fans first.

To put it in a nutshell, give them what they like first and you will get your likes without asking. These likes would be the selected ones because they are genuinely interested in what you do. Create a place for people to interact with you. Keep updating them with details about the forthcoming events and if possible offer discounts and gift tags. All these efforts will pay dividends eventually.

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