How To Choose A Cloud-Based Data Storage System For Your Business

Cloud-based data storage offers a range of advantages that appeal to different types of businesses. You can access data remotely, which means that if you are on the go, you can keep up with everything by using your mobile device wherever you may be. This has a lot of appeal for real estate agents, trainers who put on events at different locations, and any sort of professional who travels to work at clients’ premises. It also works well for businesses such as cafes or child care centers that have multiple locations. Any business owner or manager can easily work or just check in from a home office using this technology too. But not all cloud-based storage is the same, and it is important to pick a provider that meets your individual needs and provides the level of security your business requires.

Those of us who aren’t so tech savvy can easily feel overwhelmed or even intimidated by all the high tech jargon out there. Sometimes it feels like the computer experts are speaking a totally different language, and it is hard to make heads or tails of it. But it is important to try to understand the basics such as data encryption to make an informed choice.

What to Consider when You Are Looking at the Clouds

•    Security is a primary concern. If you are accessing your data remotely, that means there is a degree of risk that needs to be minimized. Ask the cloud provider what steps they take to protect your data. Ask them to explain their anti-virus and malware protection and their data encryption.

•    Consider the amount of storage you require and how that fits with the provider’s pricing plan. There is no harm in having extra storage, unless it means paying extra. Get a realistic idea of how much storage you need right now and in the near future to avoid being oversold cloud capacity.

•    What else can this system do for you? Can you take advantage of an automated backup process or streamlined tools for processing payments? Consider if the extras on offer are useful tools for your business that will lead to increased profits or if they are just fancy but impractical bells and whistles.

•    Is it easy to use? The best system in the world is no good to someone who can’t use it. Make sure that the choice you make is one that you feel comfortable and confident with using every day.

Cloud-based data storage solutions do offer many advantages to many types of businesses, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to run out and sign up immediately. It is important to realistically assess your business’s specific needs and to speak to several providers about what they offer and what their prices are before making a decision. If putting your data in the clouds means you can convert time commuting or waiting around into productive work time, that’s a huge advantage, as long as the provider uses state of the art data encryption to protect your company.

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