7 Tips to Make an Effective Resume for Landing a Receptionist Job

Resumes are drafted with the sole intention of displaying strengths and impressing the employer. A nicely drafted and well-presented resume definitely counts in the eyes of employer. It is just as important as a nice packaging in a product required for attracting consumer’s attention. The main challenge is to find opportunities on time, especially in a place like Birmingham, which is a highly populated city of England. Randstad.co.uk is a very useful web portal that connects job seekers and employers. With the help of such platforms, bridging this gap has become easy. Resumes are the first requirement for any job application.


The following tips will help you in creating an appealing resume for bagging a receptionist job -

Tip No. 1

Modifying an existing resume is fairly simple, but if you don’t have a template or base to draft your resume then you need to start from the scratch. The first thing to consider is the format. Never think that you can impress your employer by using modern styles of font. The font style needs to be very official – so use only Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri and 12 points font size for official write ups including your CV.

Receptionist Job

Tip No. 2

Your contact information should be placed on the top. It is commonly placed at the centre or towards the top right side of the page. These details must contain your full name, mobile number, email address, and communication address with zip code. Double check your contact information as the communication from the employer will take place through the same, and any mistakes in that department can potentially screw up your job opportunity.

Tip No. 3

The first element of your resume should be your career objective. It should be short and crisp. The main subject heading can be bold. But, you should write an objective that closely relates to the job role, and the objective should not give an impression that your area of interest is something different from the job role you have applied for. Objectives that surround the areas of interest of that particular industry normally leave a lasting impression.

Landing a Receptionist Job

Tip No. 4

Give concise details about your educational background. Don’t make this section too big. Just mention about your degree, grade and university. Mention about any job specific training you have taken. Keep it always precise, and to the point!

Tip No. 5

There should be a section highlighting your skill set. For a receptionist position, you should emphasize on your communication skills more than anything else. That is the most important part of receptionist jobs.

Describe your typing speed and soft skills. If you have a job description with you, then creatively fill this section with things that go with the JD.

Tip No. 6

Experience does count! Along with the past company names, include your job profile, time period, and your job roles in those organizations. You can even mention about the responsibilities you had in your previous organization if it is similar to the new job role.

At the end, you can mention that references can be produced upon request. References should be of your co-workers and colleagues, but not family members, and friends.

Tip No. 7

It’s always better to keep your resume short and informative. Disclose details relevant to the job profile as much as possible.

Do a background research about the company and visit the company website before appearing for the interview.

Author BioJenny Jacobs is a professor, who delivers HR lectures in many top universities. She has written many books as well. Her in-depth knowledge and judgement is very much appreciated by students.

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