5 Myths To Avoid Regarding Managed IT Services

Most of the companies that use managed IT services know very little about the technical details of the managed IT services, hence they fall for various myths and misconceptions that are flowing around on the web and the business world. Most of the business owners, decision makers, or even managers, have absolutely no idea of how their IT technicians tackle the situation when a server or any IT equipment crashes. Therefore they make the same mistakes while hiring managed IT services as well.


Below Are Few Of The Most Common Myths Regarding Managed IT Services.

1-      Upgrading The Server Is A Must

Most of the times, the companies pay extra money to upgrade their servers even though they don’t need the up gradation at all. Unless the server(s) have really crashed or become too old and slow to use, you won’t need to upgrade the server and spend the company`s precious money for a very long time. Hence only upgrade the servers when you are really required to.

2-      Managed It Services Are Not Scalable

This is one myth that keeps most of businesses away from using managed IT services. In fact managed IT services are extremely scalable with minimum cost involved in it. Though it is recommended to ask your service provider beforehand whether you will be able to expand/scale your infrastructure in the future or not.

3-      Most Companies Use Multiple Platforms

This is true to some extent, but not completely. Most of managed IT services experts have told the world that large enterprises prefer to have their data stored on multiple platforms and vendor`s equipments rather than only one. This gives them a sense of security and peace of mind that even if 1 vendor`s equipment is crashed other will be there to support the IT system. But since going multi-platform is an expensive route, most companies can’t afford it, and hence they rely on one platform only to establish their IT infrastructure.

4-      It’s A Risky Investment

This myth is not at all based on pure facts but on opinions and theories. The success of your project depends on the feasibility and various other matters. Managed IT services or IT infrastructure has nothing to do with it; it only provides the IT support and required infrastructure to run business operations smoothly. Some projects may fail but most of the projects are only benefitting by the addition of managed IT services.

Though selecting the right IT services play a key role in ensuring whether your business runs smoothly or not. If you have taken good care in selecting the right service provider with a good track record, there is no reason why your project can fail just because of the managed IT services.

5-      Most Of The Business Data Is Stored On Mainframes

The general conception is that almost 80% of the business`s data reside on the mainframe servers but the actual number is somewhere around 50% or even less than that. Since the mainframes came into being, most of the corporate data is stored in mainframes. But the number went down quite a lot in the last couple of decades with the advent of Micro and Mini computers.

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