10 Tips From Facebook To iPhone

To get the most out of your application of Facebook for iPhone, we present these helpful tips to make your life easier, for we know that Facebook for iPhone is an extremely popular application, with over 750 million users accessing to Facebook each month by your app designed for iOS.

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Let us see the top 10 Tips from Facebook to iPhone

1. Change cover photo Facebook cover photo

Now you can change your cover photo of the mobile application. Go to your profile and turn on your cover photo. You have the option to take a new picture or select one of the photos taken with the camera on your iPhone.

2. Chat bubbles Facebook chat bubbles

One of the most popular features of the new mobile app FACEBOOK FOR IPHONE is the chat bubbles that provide a new way to send messages to friends. When a friend sends you a message, a small bubble with his profile picture, and can be moved around the screen while you’re browsing the application.

3. View Friendship Facebook see friendship

With the new version of the application, you can see the history of friendship (you could do with the Web version for some time.) Go to a friend’s profile, click on the box icon and arrow in the top right of the screen, and select “See Friendship”. Here you will be able to see your shared information and interactions.

4. Delete a postFacebook deletes a post

Deleting posts when using the mobile application is not very obvious, but it is very simple. To delete the content, click the arrow on the top right of an entry and select “delete”(or” Hide from Timeline, “if you just want to disappear from your profile).

5. See the birthdays of your friendsFacebook birthday

The Facebook app does not mark the birthdays in the same way it does the site but you can still see the birthday of your friends. Choose “Events” from the main menu. This shows the birthday on the actual day, the next day and the rest of the week. Follow by clicking on “More”to see more birthdays in the future.

6. Put Facebook on your home screenFacebook in the dock

If you log in to Facebook using your iPhone often adds the application to the home screen so that it is just a touch away, regardless of the screen you’re on. To do this, first remove an application from the dock. Press and hold any application until all the icons start to wiggle, then touch and drag the unwanted application dock area and then press and release Facebook instead.

7. Manage your alerts Facebook alerts

Customize the way you would like alerts Facebook, or keep them all, in the “Settings” of the iPhone. Opens “Settings” and select” Notifications “. Scroll down to see your “Notification Center “and click” Facebook “. Now you can choose your favorite style of alerts (which requires action to remove) or notification type flags, which automatically disappears. This is also where you can turn alert sounds on and off, and choose to display the number of new notifications icon in the Facebook application. One should have high-speed mobile internet access to EE 4G mobile phones.

8. Manage your notifications Push Facebook

Push notifications settings used to be part of the main settings of your iPhone, but now can be handled within the Facebook mobile app for iPhone. Enter the main menu, go to Account Settings > Notifications > How get Notifications > push moving. Here you can choose exactly what type of events you want to get push notifications.

9. Synchronize your contacts Facebook sync contacts

With the increasing integration of iOS 6 with Facebook, you can synchronize the information on your friends with your iPhone contacts, directly from the phone settings menu. In Settings, go to Facebook and access (even if you’ve logged into the application). You’ll get a warning that the social network will synchronize your Facebook information with contacts (including profile photos), but you can change this later.

10. Send stickers in Posts Facebook Stickers

The advantage of the latest Facebook update on Mobile are the fun stickers – a variety of emoticons that you can send in messages. When you’re texting a friend, select the smiley face next to the text box and make your selection.

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